BSc. Graphic Design Technology

I am a Graphic Designer who has always had an interest in working with text, images and art; Graphic Design before I even knew what that was… dating back to grade school and using Paint and Power Point to get creative!

I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design Technology with a certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND. In studying there I gained a ton of great experience, tools and knowledge, creating a solid foundation for success.

Over the last 10+ years I have continued to develop my skills and learn new techniques. Working in an industry directly tied to Technology means things are always changing, and they change fast!

I enjoy working with clients and helping to achieve their goals. I love the creative challenges that come with each and every project.

My Statement on the Philosophy of Graphic Design

I believe that the world of graphic design is one full of opportunity, diversity and creative challenges. We are all constantly being influenced by visual messages from the media, and it is the graphic designer’s job to find ways to clearly and effectively deliver those messages.

Graphic Design is a rewarding profession requiring innovation and creativity to meet peoples’ needs in a fast paced and ever-changing environment – an environment full of spontaneous imagination and inspiration.

Graphic Designers are required to have an open mind and a free spirit in order to come up with new and fresh designs and connect with their clients. I take great pride in being able to serve people by developing effective and successful visual communication solutions.

I have a passion for design, and have developed skills to successfully and positively influence my career. I love the challenge I’m faced with every time I have a new client or am working on a new project. One of the greatest aspects of this profession is the opportunity to constantly learn new things and be faced with diversity. I thrive on the challenge of solving new problems, while constantly learning new skills and the rewarding feeling that follows.

This is a profession in which I believe I can excel in, thoroughly enjoy, and positively impact society. Graphic design has enhanced my life and as a graphic designer, I believe I can enhance the lives of others.